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This blog is here to provide information about Facebook serial abuser 'Jamie Card'. 

It is not run by Jamie Card or any of his trool groupies.

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Current Facebook Bullies And Harassment Pages

updated 25/09/16


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Trool dick waving page

You Know What Grinds My Gears (various versions) DEAD DEAD CURRENT CURRENT

Intolerant trools posting racism and whining about stupid stuff the rest of us can handle easily (until they get deleted again) 

 Used but Not Abused West Midlands -- BST
Bully-run fake selling group Utah online yard sale , shop and swap!! NO RULES!!

Bully-run fake selling group Add new Facebook friends 18+
Bully-run fake friend group LETTERKENNY BUY&SELL! 
Bully-run fake selling group

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Breaking News

These are screen shots of the trolls talking between themselves. We have an unedited copy of the conversation which we will be releasing shortly.

And this is what they are talking about...

It's a group set up to harass and threaten a young couple in the US from the safety of some anonymous faked profiles. Except now of course, we know who one of the attackers is in real life.

Rosie seems to be very cross indeed. We wonder why? 

The walk will do her good though.

Funny - this post got deleted quite quickly on the troll Facebook page. Maybe they didn't want anyone to see it? Never mind, eh?

Surely not!! Now it all makes sense... Oh, dear!

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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

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Thursday, 19 November 2015


The bullies get very cross when people suggest that what they are doing is cowardly and a bit sad (incredibly, some of these people are over 14 years old!). What they want is to get on with attacking single mums, children and the disabled without questions being asked. Of course they don't like CardFax

Anyway, they had a blog of their own, they called it CAANTFAX...

The blog contained the usual stuff we have come to expect from the trolls - abuse directed at those who have have stood up against them; harassment of a few individuals they feel should be attacked on a regular basis; and the usual posting of often inaccurate details of others' personal information with a view to creating anxiety or fear. We won't spend any time detailing the abuse, but needless to say we have copies of the whole lot.

Who was responsible for the blog? 

Well, 'Jamie Card' seemed to be involved in a big way...

Card was always trying to advertise the blog on Facebook, but others were also involved - take your pick from the usual suspects.

Inevitably, given the level of abusiveness, the blog got deleted by Google... 

But a new version was started a few hours later, and a new Facebook  page was proudly unveiled advertising it... 

According to the new abuse blog -

Of course we would argue that the blog was far from 'good'. As to whether such a blog can be kept down - we will see.

Anyway, just a few hours later and new abuse blog was gone in the same way as the previous version... 

Here are some images of the trolls crying over their loss..

As of now, the blog is gone and only the Facebook page remains, which, given Facebook's abysmal record of dealing with abuse might remain the situation for some time. 

This last image confirms that harassment was the reason the blog was deleted. We have every reason to believe the same thing happened with the previous blog...

We disagree. Clearly, you can.

Oh, dear...

Having failed so seriously and completely with his blog, Card decided to carry on attacking one of his targets via YouTube. Here, we have some images of him bragging about it in a troll group...

These images show that Card definitely has access to the CaantFax account which posted into blogger and YouTube. He seems quite happy here with his work of harassing yet another single woman, and apparently thinks that he can use YouTube legal processes against her.

However, just a few hours later...

'HAW, HAW, HAW' indeed, troll.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Nicky Wright

So what's the story with Nicky Wright..?

Nicky Wright

Well, here's how it started. Not entirely convinced we know what this is about, but comments made later in BTY suggest that Nicky was the victim of a nasty bit of trolling - the kind of thing we have seen from Jamie Card many times - based on the re-posting of images of his children. It appears that Nicky may have posted something which upset Troll Cop Lee Rimell 

There was a load of the other nonsense that BTY was once full of, then a few days later, this story blew up again...

Resnik, one of the admins of BTY,  posts an image of Nicky's kids...

The timeline gets a bit confused as comments get removed, some by Facebook and some, apparently, by Lee Rimell - it's never a good idea to accuse your victim of lying when Police have already investigated and found you guilty as charged.

This is all pretty standard for Facebook. Here are a couple of images of 'Jamie Card' and 'Rosie Parker' harassing Facebook users in a selling page by taking images from photo albums belonging to others and re-posting them publicly with some pretty disgusting comments added.

It all looks very familiar.

So who is Resnik? Well, we don't know for sure, although we have some ideas. The name is fake, and we had encountered it quite a few times while keeping an eye on Card. This is a profile used by one of the trolls who hangs around in exactly the same places Card goes to. It uses a variety of different profile images including this one...

We have a few more...

That last image is informative. Another fake name uses the exact same one.

Resnik was one of the admins of trolling group Cage 10 some time ago...

Anyone wanting to find out who Resnik is could do worse than asking the other people shown here. Maybe Rosie could help?

This is quite interesting too...

Where have we seen this before???

Back to Nicky's story...

Nicky was pretty cross about being called a paedophile (see above) and having his children's images used to bully him. No-one can blame him for this. The whole episode went on for some weeks with Nicky trying to stop the trolls attacking him via his children. 

Fast-forward to now. We have identified Nicky as a troll. How they hell did that happen?

You would think that having himself been the victim of trolls, he might be a bit careful about posting things that he has calculated will cause hurt to others. But no. One of themes he keeps going back to is this one...

This is an image of Nicky Wright attacking someone who has already been victimised by trolls. In fact, not only has she been victimised, she has been victimised by the same troll group he has joined himself. The same group whose members include his own attacker!  It's very strange.

According to Nicky, he has the right to attack this woman because she told him to 'log off'. We have been unable to find any evidence of this, and even if it were true, surely this sort of troll attack is no way to deal with it? This image is just one of dozen or so trolling images he has posted about his person.

As it happens, someone did tell him to log off. Does anyone want to take a guess who?

Unbelievable. Where one person gets trolled by Nicky for something she didn't even do, another person, Troll Cop Lee Rimell gets idolised...

It's hard to explain what is going on here. But there is more.

Here is an image posted to Facebook by Nicky which quite probably breaks the law...

We have disguised the image as much as we can and hidden the identity of Nicky's new victim.

The list of harassing posts made by Nicky just goes on and on...

It often looks as if Nicky is on a campaign to attack everyone except the group who trolled him, who he now working with.

None of this is doing him any favours though. He says here he was advised by troll Cop Lee Rimmel and ended up getting interviewed by the police.

  Funnily enough we have an image of Lee Rimell encouraging Nicky...

Here are just a few of our other images of the trolls encouraging Nicky to do their work for them while he gets the heat... 

And that's about it in terms of the back story. What we have here is someone who got attacked by Jamie Card and his troll mates and in response he apparently decided that befriending them and trying to impress them by attacking others was an easier task than actually taking them on. We get this - it happens every day in schools all across the world. Better to be in the troll gang than their victim. 

Well, Nicky - you are a grown-up now and you are responsible for what you say in public whatever gang you are in. We are going to keep an eye on you and document what we see. Like this, for example...

What a big man - attacking the disabled.

Nicky Wright bragging about his attack on yet another victim

Another Facebook user attacked by Nicky Wright

EDIT: A bit careless - had to burn a perfectly good fake profile over this next one. Never mind. It's not as if they are hard to do - Facebook makes it easy. 

Brilliant Jamie..!

Yeah, Nicky - Jamie is a right scream. What a hypocrite you are.

Here's Nicky doing a bit of trolling from one of his Twitter accounts like his mate Troll cop Lee Rimmel used to do before he got busted. They seem to have a lot in common these two.

To be updated...